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Fees/Payment Policy

CAPS FC Payment policies and tuition payment schedule

CAPS FC is a year round competitive soccer instruction program for boys and girls. When we accept your child we will offer you a spot in our program for a one-year term. However, teams are evaluated on a session-to-session basis, and coaches have the ability to transfer players between rosters where and when deemed necessary and if possible.  Accepting an offer to play for our club indicates an agreement to pay the club according to the terms and policies below. Fees cover Professional team building and training, optional footskills and goalie training, league entry and game fees, facility fees, US soccer membership, and administrative fees. See “Additional
fees” below.

Ideally registration need take place only once per year. During registration each family will indicate the sessions for which they are registering. It is acceptable to skip a session. Be certain to register for the sessions in which you will participate to avoid late fees.

There are four sessions for players U14 and younger: Fall, Indoor one, Indoor two and Spring.  There are three session for U15 and older players: Indoor one, Indoor Two, and Spring. The payment schedule for each session is listed in the Tuitions schedule Chart below.


Payments made in full for all four sessions (u14 and younger),  or for all three sessions (U15 and older), will receive a discounted rate. U14 and younger take $80 off the total for four sessions, and U15 and older can take $60 off the total for all three sessions. Pre-payment discounts will be applied in the final Spring Session. See Annual payment in the tuition schedule. Payments must be received by deadline to receive the discounted rate.

Discounted annual payment
Age Group Due Date Amount Due
U8 & U9 July 1st $920
U10 & U11 July 1st $1200
U12 - U14 July 1st $1680
U15 and Up Nov 1st $1260

Members may choose to register and pay in full for each session by credit card (Master Card or Visa) at or by check to the Cleveland Whitecaps at the club address. The
payment dates are indicated below and during the registration process When registering you must indicate which sessions you will be participating in. You will receive an invoice via email, 20 - 30 days
prior to the date due for each session.  Please see the tuition schedule for payment deadlines per session.

Per session payment plan
Session Due Date U8-U9 U10-U11 U12-U14 U15 & Up
Fall July 1st $250 $320 $440  NA
Indoor 1 Oct 15th  250  320  440  $440
Indoor 2 Dec 15th  250  320  440   440
Spring Mar 1st  250  320  440   440

Members in good standings and with good payment history, may choose to register and pay monthly for each of the sessions registered. Any deviations from the payment plan must be mutually agreed upon by the club and the individual responsible for making payments.

Payments may be paid in advance, but not later than the dates indicated. The first deposit is required by the due date to be considered for team placement.

Montly Tuition payment schedule

Session Date Due U8 and U9 U10 & U11 U 12 Thru U14 U15 and up
Fall Deposit July 1st $125 $150 $220 Not playing
Fall Balance Sept 15th 125 150 220 Not playing
Ind 1 deposit Oct 15th 125 150 220 $220
Ind 1 balance Nov 15th 125 150 220 220
Ind 2 deposit Dec 15th 125 150 220 220
Ind 2 balance Jan 15th 125 150 220 220
Spring deposit Mar 1st 125 150 220 220
Spring balance Apr 1st 125 150 220 220
Total Paid $1,000 $1,200 $1,680 $1,260

Second Family members deduct $100 per session.
Third or more family members deduct $125 per session
Booters (ages 4 thru 6) do not qualify for family discounts.

1.  Tournaments:
Some Fall and Spring tournaments (we will identity and communicate these tournament names) are included in your session tuition and all teams and players will participate. Indoor tournaments and any other outdoor tournaments are not included and are billed separately. Other tournaments will be selected by the coaches and teams based on desire, availability and function. These fees are billed separately and or collected by team managers in advance of each tournament. Home/local tournaments range from $50- $125, while away tournaments can range anywhere from $75 to $200.00 per player. Tournament fees include tournament entry fees, ref fees, coaching fees, coaches expenses including; transportation, hotel, meals.  These expenses are divided equally among participants that commit to attend.  All tournament fees are payable in advance of the tournament. Failure to pay will remove the player from the roster, but not remove the responsibility to pay. If
a player cancels after committing, they will still be responsible for the fee unless they find an equal replacement approved by the team coach.

2.  Uniforms:
Approximately every three to four years the club will purchase “new” uniforms. The average cost of the entire required outfit is approximately $225.00. 


  • Invoices will be sent as needed and statements will be sent via email once per month. Payments can be made on line at our website – or sent to : Cleveland Whitecaps, 6060 West Canal Road, Valley View, Ohio 44125. Please do not give payments to Coaches or Team Managers. Failure to pay fees as scheduled or a decline of credit or e check that become delinquent for 15 days, will invoke the ‘NO PAY, NO PLAY POLICY. Players will not be permitted to practice, attend games and or tournaments, until payment is received.  The club is strict with the payment policies, however, we are also family friendly and understand life emergencies and situations may arise that can result in a financial strain. In order to keep the player participating, the club will work with the family if notified promptly and honestly.
  • When starting a new soccer year all past bills must be paid in full as part of the 'NO PAY, NO PLAY POLICY'.
  •  Accounts thirty days past due will be charged a $10 late fee per month. After 60 days, the account will be turned over to our collection agency.
  • There is a $35 charge for checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • Overpayments or credits for injuries will be kept on account and applied to future sessions and or events.
  • Tuition will not be refunded or excused due to injuries, absences, or withdrawal from the club or team.  In prolonged injury situations ( 4 weeks or more), a credit will be issued to the account to be used toward future sessions or events.

If you are a player with the club, you must declare the sessions that you are playing at the time of registrations. There is no penalty to change your mind and not play, up to thirty days before the start of the session. If you register and drop out 29 days or less prior to the start of the session, you will pay a $50 registration fee. Players that cannot play due to injuries will not be penalized.  Refunds will only be provided if a player suffers a "career ending injury".  All other injury credits will be applied to the players account toward a future session.  Beginning in the Spring of 2014- Any returning player that does not preregister by the required dates will be subject to a tryout for the session that they are registering for and will pay a $10 tryout / late registration fee per session.  

 Booster club commitment. The Whitecaps provide several “outside of soccer” opportunities for our players through the hard work and dedication of the Boosters. Each family is asked to volunteer or donate to the various events that are hosted by the Boosters. The level of participation or volunteer is up to the Committee that is organizing the event. All families are expected to participate in one way or another.

• There are fundraising opportunities for families wishing to offset club tuition. This includes Advertising on the club site and programs, soliciting and or providing donations for our annual fundraiser, and other opportunities as presented by the club or individual teams.